27 September, 2011

Did you know, in UniVerse

1. Dynamic array takes more execution time as it starts searching from the first position.
2. Virtual fields are also called I-descriptors, EVAL expressions or I-types.
3. UniVerse allows creation of menus and submenus with the command MENUS.
4. Pick systems impose a maximum size limitation of 32K on any item.
5. In UniVerse, 31 Dec 1967 has a value of 0. Dates before this are considered negative.
6. 0 and empty string are treated as false.
7. MERGE.LIST works only with numbered select list ranging from 1 to 10.
8. HASH.HELP works only with static files.
9. INPUT command normally takes 140 characters.
10. COUNT('abc','d') results in 0 whereas DCOUNT('abc','d') results in 1

PS: Corrections if any are most welcome. Its been quite some time I worked on UniVerse.

Some Simple Stotras

When taking bath
Gangecha Yamunechaiva Godavari Saraswati
Narmade Sindhu Kaveri Jalesmin Sannidhimkuru

Before having food
Annapoorne Sadapoorne Shankarapranavallabhe
Jnana Vairagya Sidyartham Bhikshaam Dehicha Paarvati

Before going to bed
Ramaskandam Hanumantham Vainatheyam Vrikodaram
Shayane Smarenityam Duhswapnam Tasya Nashyati

Before eating yellu bella during Ugadi festival
Shatayur Vajradehaya Sarvasampathkarayacha
Sarvarista Vinashaya Nimbakam dala bhakshanam

24 September, 2011

Life Of Pi

Written by Yann Martel and has also won the Man Booker Prize in 2002. This revolves around an Indian boy from Pondicherry named  Piscine Molitor Patel or in short 'Pi'. The story is about the survival of Pi after a shipwreck, while stranded on a boat in the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.
I was presented this book on my birthday and when I read the first few pages I was wondering what made it win the Booker. I had kept it aside for almost a month and then when I had no option, began reading it again. Good that I decided to read it else I would have missed all the adventure in the book. Once Pi's journey in the Pacific starts to unfold you will completely get into the character.

According to me this book is

Must Read               Give a Try               Don't Bother

22 September, 2011

Chill Factor

One of the amazing thriller books by Sandra Brown. Personally I am one of her fans. This was one of the nail biting mystery books that I have read. Usually whenever I have read 50-70% of a mystery novel, my instinct reveals to me the climax and most of the time it turns out to be true. But this was a book where till I completed 95% of the book, I couldn't guess anything.
It's about a successful magazine editor who is trapped in her remote cabin with a man believed to be a serial killer. The plot unwinds beautifully.
According to me this book is

Must Read               Give a Try               Don't Bother 

Mookajjiya Kanusugalu

One of the books written by Shivram Karanth for which he won the Jnanapitha Prashasthi. This book is for those with literary interest rather than for those who just want to pass their free time reading a novel. The book basically revolves around a grand lady and her thoughts. She can foresee things and this leads many to doubt her mental status. The character in the book is her grandson and always stands by her and respects her a lot. The way in which the author details the grand lady's thoughts are wonderful.
This book would suit for those who have read ample Kannada books and not for a fresher in Kannada.

According to me this book is

Must Read               Give a Try               Don't Bother   

31 August, 2011

Benefits of Fenugreek(Menthye, Methi)

Googling for this spice will lead to vast informative results. But what I am sharing here is my personal experience with this. I started using menthe in my routine because of my mother. She is a big fan of this and uses it regularly. I have been regularly eating this from past 6 months. I soak 2 spoons of menthe overnight and consume it first in the morning along with the soaked water.  Once I started using this
1. Have seen reduction in hair fall
2. Has reduced my menstrual cramps
3. Has reduced pain in my back and calf
I cant assure that whoever uses it will see benefits the same way as I have but it will help you improve your health in one way or the other.

18 June, 2011

Intenatal Profile Test

This is usually done in the 2nd trimester of your pregnancy. This comprises of
1. Test for Blood group
2. RH Factor - The Rhesus Factor is an antigen(a protein) that is found on the surface of red blood cell. A woman is at risk when she has a negative RH factor and her partner has a positive RH factor.
3. Haemoglobin count
4. Blood Sugar
5. Urine Sugar
6. TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Harmone
7. HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus
8. VDRL - Venereal disease Research Laboratory - Test to detect Syphilis(Sexually transmitted disease which can cause brain damage)
9. HBsAG - Hepatitis B Surface Antigen - Test for Hepatitis B virus which causes liver infection
10. Urine Analysis

Teething in infants

Teething is the term used for baby's strong desire to bite on something real hard. This might start as early as 2-3 months. If this desire isn't fulfilled then the baby might become very fussy. Try giving some teethers. When you buy these make sure it rightly satisfies your child's biting needs. It should be such that the baby can easily hold it in its hands and should be able to bite it. We had given our son some of these. Most of them were either too large or too small for him to bite. Some also suggest giving baby carrots. But this did not work well for us. Smooth curved spoons was a favourite teether for our son. Try this, but be careful so that the baby does not hurt himself with it.Another best solution for teething is to play with your kid so that he forgets about his teething. Many of them go for some homeopathy medicines for teething. But my advise would be to first try some of the above methods and if nothing is working only then consult your PD.

Lyrics for Putani Neeli Hakki

Oooo putani neeli hakki
Haadu haadu haadu... haadu
Chandra idane banalli beladingalu ee kaanalli
Barale beku nee illi
Haaraduva maathina malli

Aleyaaduthide holadalli tere tooguthide koladalli
Barale beku nee illi
Haaraduva maathina malli

Bellakkigalive saradalli giligalu hachane maradalli
Barale beku nee illi
Haaraduva maathina malli

Lyrics for JojoLaali

Jojolaali na haduve chinna ninna muddaduve
Hoovanta kanasu ta moodi barali
naguva aluva kannalli indu
Jojolaali na haduve chinna ninna muddaduve

Nidira devi ba mellage
Taare inda ee bhoomige
Savira rangina malebillina
Maaleya dharisi baa illige
Chinnada terali volavinda bandu
Taare muthu kandange indu

Chippi madila muthantheye
Deepada jyoti holevanteye
Kiranade kanti kulitanteye
Mogalli saurabha iruvanteye
Raatri hagalu haasiralendu
Malagu maguve madilalli indu

Introduction to UniVerse

UniVerse is a database management, development, and execution environment. UniVerse is a self-contained environment that runs under the UNIX and Windows operating systems.

Main Components
UniVerse comprises the following:
1.  Four interactive language processors: the UniVerse command processor, ProVerb, the UniVerse Editor, and ReVise
2. A procedural language processor, UniVerse BASIC
3. The BASIC run machine, which executes compiled BASIC programs
4. A set of utilities and processes that the language processors and the run machine call on to perform their tasks
5. RetrieVe, a database query processor and report writer
6. The UniVerse file handler

Himachal Pradesh

I feel Himachal Pradesh and Kerala must have had a tough competition for the title 'God's own country'. I was completely in love with that state when we visited it in September 2009. Every nook and corner is filled with greenery here. As long as you are there the scenic beauty will leave you in a trance.
No No.. I am not the HP tourism minister. :) Its just that living in a busy city like Bangalore you will be in awe watching such beauty.